Braving Trust

Trust is important.

Lack of trust is causing organizations and businesses huge costs in stymied creativity, stalled innovation and blocked change. Costs that remain largely hidden as symptoms are addressed but the underlying cause is allowed to fester on.

Despite all the trust building exercises, ice breakers, team building activities and everything else intended to build trust levels in teams, trust, or rather lack of trust, remains a huge challenge in even the most trust-oriented organizations.

Two reasons

  • All the trust building exercises I've come acrross are not about building trust. They are about building connection and understanding. While connection and understanding are lubricants for our interactions and communication, and interactions and communication are the conduit along which trust flows, they are not trust itself.
  • Trust can't be built. Like you can't make a horse drink I cannot make you trust me. All I can do is act in a trustworthy manner and hope (trust?) you will (eventually) recognize that I am a pretty safe bet.

Self-trust is perhaps even more important.

For how can you trust others when you can't trust yourself?

Many people lack self-trust. They can't count on themselves to take care of themselves, to keep themselves emotionally safe and recover when their trust in someone else was proven ill-advised.

Braving Trust is about what is needed to allow trust to grow. Self-trust, trust between teammates and trust between teams and their stakeholders.

So creativity, innovation and change can flourish and individuals, organizations and businesses can thrive.

Braving Trust
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Trust starts with self-trust!